Treatment with Michael Fulop, Psy.D.

I practice clinical psychology in a pragmatic manner and adhere to the spirit of Motivational Interviewing. In other words, my work is collaborative with you and your family, to aid you to attain your goals. I help clarify core values and strengths and sort through beliefs and behaviors that create problems. I have designed my practice to be personal and I am usually available by phone for emergencies or urgent consultations. For treatment email me at

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive assessment for school problems; kindergarten through grad school
  • Coaching and consulting for diabetes-related problems that include emotions, behaviors and attitudes that may impede diabetes management
  • Individual psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, and other issues
  • Academic support services
  • Family psychotherapy for a variety of problems including
    • Reward Systems
    • Family Conflict & Communications
    • Parenting Challenges & Strategies
    • Helping decide whether your child needs an alternative placement

    Email me at or fill out the New Patient Inquiry Form


Dr. Michael Fulop

Michael Fulop, Psy.D.