Treatment with Ana Cragnolino, Ph.D.


Therapy and Coaching

I provide therapy and coaching to adults and middle, high school and college students with a wide variety of cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues, including:

  • ADHD
  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Learning disorders
  • Under-achievement

People facing these challenges may need support in identifying strengths and in developing healthier coping. I support clients’ self-directed explorations with evidence-based strategies, helping them to:

  • Understand their current learning and performance/achievement patterns
  • Explore how they see themselves and evaluate their own abilities
  • Examine how they resolve difficulties, experience emotions, and make life decisions
  • Develop organizational strategies, better habits, and new beliefs about their abilities
  • Employ technology tools to help them reach their potential
  • Promote clients’ self-direction, lending support when needed

Academic Coaching

Along with my colleagues, Drs. Forster and Fulop, I provide academic coaching through a program called Self-Active Students. This set of interventions uses Motivational Interviewing and neuropsychology findings to elicit the student’s motivations to increase personal activation, and to fulfill their identified goals. Read more about Self-Active Students.

Neuropsychological and Psychodiagnostic Testing

I conduct comprehensive neuropsychological, psychoeducational and psychodiagnostic evaluations for individuals from middle-school years through the lifespan. These evaluations can assist individuals and parents in clarifying diagnoses, identifying cognitive strengths and weaknesses, developing educational plans, and identifying appropriate accommodations and school or career placements.



Ana Cragnolino, Ph.D.