Alisa R Karmel, Psy.D., MScN


  • B.S. in Elementary Education, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)
  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Pacific University (Hillsboro, OR)
  • M.S. in Nutrition, National University of Natural Medicine (Portland, OR)
  • Psy.D., Pacific University School of Professional Psychology (Hillsboro, OR)
  • Internship at University of Colorado School of Medicine (Denver, CO)
  • Post-Doctoral Residency at Behavioral Diagnostics and Treatment (Portland, OR)


I’ve been practicing psychology since 2016. I started with opening a private practice to provide psychotherapy to those experiencing body dissatisfaction. My clinical training was focused in health psychology within primary care clinics and weight management centers treating adolescents and adults. Additionally, I’ve received training in neuropsychological assessment, in both brief and comprehensive formats, with an emphasis of identifying the presence of ADHD and other learning disorders. My passion is in working with those experiencing weight stigma in both personal and medical settings, fatness and obesity, body dissatisfaction, and eating disorders related to obesity, emotional eating, overeating, and binge eating. My treatment approach is primarily patient-centered and within a Motivational Interviewing framework. I utilize CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), BT (behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), and mindfulness. I am trained to complete bariatric surgical evaluations and assess for and provide CBT-I for those struggling with sleep and experiencing insomnia.

Current Practice

Assessment: I assess adolescents and adults to evaluate the presence of psychological issues, health and eating issues, sleep issues, and academic issues related to school performance. I complete brief and comprehensive assessments as needed to identify the root of the concern(s) and how to improve function and quality of life.

Follow-up/treatment: While I believe assessment occurs throughout the course of treatment, once I complete the formal evaluation process, I identify individualized evidence based recommendations for treatment plans including therapy. I also provide therapy without conducting a formal assessment.


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Alisa R. Karmel, Psy. D., MScN

Alisa R. Karmel, Psy. D., MScN