Treatment with Alisa Karmel, Psy.D., MScN

I practice clinical psychology in a patient-centered manner and adhere to the spirit of Motivational Interviewing. My purpose is to promote confidence and healthy living through sustainable behavioral change. My passion is to support you through personal growth. My approach is simple: you are the expert of yourself, I am an expert of behavioral change. Together, we explore possible adjustments that align with your core values.

Services Include:

  • Individual psychotherapy:
    • For weight centric concerns including fatness/obesity/overweight related issues such as body acceptance, health behavior improvement (nutrition, movement, stress management, etc.), and mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and trauma utilizing CBT, ACT, BT, and mindfulness. We will meet for 50 minutes on a weekly basis.
    • For insomnia and other sleep related concerns utilizing an evidenced based CBT-I protocol. We will meet for 30 or 50 minute sessions on a bi-monthly basis.
    • For depression, anxiety, trauma, and adjustment to medical related concerns such as bariatric surgery, a new diagnosis, or becoming a new parent.
  • Brief and comprehensive assessment for ADHD and school problems; adolescence through grad school. These evaluations can assist individuals and parents in diagnostic clarification, identifying cognitive and behavioral strengths and weaknesses, developing realistic plans, and identifying appropriate accommodations.
  • Academic support services
  • Family psychotherapy for a variety of problems including
    • Family Conflict & Communications
    • Parenting Challenges & Strategies
    • Helping decide whether your child needs an alternative placement

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Alisa R. Karmel, Psy. D., MScN

Alisa Karmel Psy.D., MScN