Treatment with Dr. Fulop

I practice clinical psychology in a pragmatic manner and adhere to the spirit of Motivational Interviewing. In other words, my work is collaborative with you and your family, to attain your goals. I help you clarify your core values, and move through beliefs and behaviors that create barriers. I have designed my practice to be personal, and I am usually available by phone for emergencies or urgent consultations.

Guiding Clinical Assumptions

  • You define yourself through your actions and inactions
  • No one can force you to take care of yourself
  • You are the final expert on your life
  • Appreciate what you do well, as it your foundation upon which to build
  • Laughter is vital to your health and wellbeing

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive assessment for school problems; Kindergarten through grad school
  • Coaching and consulting for diabetes-related problems that include emotions, behaviors, motivation that may impede diabetes management
  • Individual psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, and other issues
  • Academic support services
  • Family psychotherapy for a variety of problems including
    • Reward Systems
    • Family Conflict & Communications
    • Parenting Challenges & Strategies
    • Helping decide whether your child needs an alternative placement

Diabetes Coaching

I work remotely or face-to-face with adults and adolescents to manage emotional, behavioral, and motivational demands of diabetes for individuals and family members. Click here to go to

Motivational Interviewing Consultation and Training

I provide training and consultation in Motivational Interviewing (MI). I have been studying MI formally since 2003, and I attended the MINT Training for New Trainers (TNT) in 2009 at Sitges, Spain. My direct training leaders were Chris Wagner, PhD., and Kakia Nicolaou, M.D.

Please contact me at 503.539.4932 or for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Michael J. Fulop, Psy.D.